Ever Wondered How To Make Friends Online: Here’s How To Do It


Friends can be a pain in the neck, but they are the ones who look after us. Most of us wonder how to make friends online. Trends are changing; people are finding friends online.


Since the very advent of the internet, there have been a lot of social media platforms where people can find friends. Some of those platforms and websites did pretty well back in the day. But the success of these started with the advent of Facebook.  

Facebook grew like a wildfire in the forest. Mark Zuckerberg was a student at Harvard University when he first launched Facebook on the internet. It was one of the most significant groundbreaking inventions. Facebook went viral within days, and half of Massachusetts started using it within one year. 

It was the very first online social media platform that allowed people to follow other people and make online friends on the internet. Facebook was a very new concept back in the day. But it is one of the most practiced ways to make new friends. Let’s have a look at the methods of how to make online friends.

Why Find Online Friends? Are Internet Friends Better Than Offline Friends?

Everything has its two sides. The first is the advantages, and the second is the disadvantages. If something has benefits, it must have some downside attached to it. It may be conditional, but it has bad parts. 

The same thing applies to friends. Whether it is online friends or it is offline, they all have some disadvantages that are conditional. But the thing to care about is which one has more advantages. 

But again, friendship is supposed to be unconditional. You must not think about the benefits you will get from your friends. If you are looking for benefits before making a friend, then you are not that good of a friend. 

So instead of looking for benefits, you should look for perks. Online friends have their perks, and offline perks have their own. Let’s look at the perks of making friends online and Offline. 

Perks of making friends online

Here are some perks of making online friends. 

  • Online friends are one of the best types of friends. They don’t care for your past and love and care for you unconditionally.
  • You can find online friends who have the same taste and interests as you. They share almost everything that you like. It is also because people are wondering about how to make friends online. 
  • They are always available to listen to you. Internet Friends listen to your every talk and are available whenever you need them. 
  • They help you make decisions and are one of your best supporters.
  • Also, there are very few chances that they will backstab you. It’s because you don’t have familiar friends mostly. 

Perks of making offline friends

Some perks of making friends offline:

  • When you make friends offline, you can hang out with them. You can go traveling, or on a long drive with them. Also, you can go to parties together.
  • Offline friends make you feel wanted. They are primarily around you.
  • The significant risk of having offline friends is that when they become busy, you often feel their absence. 
  • Another thing is when you have offline friends; there are chances you have familiar friends. In that case, they might gossip behind your back.

But again, everything has two sides. If it has a positive side, it has a negative side too. It depends upon your choice and comfortability. With whom you are compatible. However, most people either already have a friend or are about to make one online. 

The main benefit is communicating and sharing content with your internet buddies. You don't have to cope with discomfort when you see each other, which is w
It lets us one step closer to finding the answer to how to make friends online. So let’s finally have the answer. 

Find The Answer To How To Make Friends Online Here

It's time to finally have the answer to How to make friends on the internet. Here’s how to make online friends. We are going to discuss some methods to find online friends. 

Use Social Media to find Online Friends.

In this modern era of technological advancement, you can use many social media platforms to make friends online. You must be wondering why we are suggesting this method.

Well, most young people are now using social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms that people are addicted to are: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat,
  • Whatsapp
  • Reddit

Social Groups are the answer to How to make Friends Online

You can always join Social groups available online to find new internet friends. Some of the best examples of Online Social Groups are:

  • Virtual Yoga Classes
  • Virtual Book Clubs
  • Virtual Choir Groups
  • Virtual Business Clubs

Dating Apps

Well, who doesn’t prefer real-time virtual dating apps to find new friends? There are a lot of dating apps available online based on geolocation. These apps use your location to find people near you. They use other demographics to target people and help you find the perfect internet friend for you. 

Some examples of dating apps are:

  • Tinder
  • BumbleBFF
  • Friender
  • HeyVINA!
  • Meetup

Making Friends Online is an enjoyable way to make new friends. But the thing is you have to be careful about it. There are a lot of people on the internet who fake their identities and pretend to be someone else. Thus, there is a very high likelihood that you will get catfished. But, if you find a good friend on the internet, they might be the one to stay forever with you. 


Q. How to make online friends my age?

Ans.  You can always use social media platforms and apps that use your age as a demographics to find friends your age. 

Q. How to make online friends on Instagram?

Ans. You can follow people on the internet. If the account is open, you directly MEssage them without having to follow them. But, if the account is private, you must follow the people first, and then you can message them and start chatting with them. 

Q. Apps to make friends online.

Ans. There are a lot of apps available online used to make friends on the internet. Some of the most used apps are Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, and Reddit.